Claire McLean (pictured along with the base of the trailer) along with her dad are building the tiny house and sharing the experience with the world.

Transparent Robots


This is the first weekly post of our attempt of being a transparent company and let you guys know what our Robots are currently working on. This should bring in new work, no matter how cool or how mundane it looks. You get to see what we do first hand and what better way than through here. Without much more introduction, here we go!


This week we started sponsoring a new project called the “Kisuy Project” which involves setting up the clients website and photoshoot of the progress while she builds along with her wood working guru of a dad her tiny house on a trailer. Tiny houses are getting to be very popular and 14 Robots could not be much more excited about helping out with some of our services that we don’t advertise much. We’re currently hosting her site and have guided our client on how to post updates on her own. We setup a platform to record her progress from start to finish and beyond, meaning she’ll be recording what is like to live in a tiny house. Follow her project here.

Along with the services of photography, one of our Robots went out to shoot an awesome family of three. Mom, Dad and Daughter at their awesome property in Helotes, Texas. The results were a fun 1hr session and a happy customer. This photoshoot was a gift from their sister which hired us to get it done. Our photographer shot around 300 photos, edited down to 230 give or take and edited around 24 of their favorites. We shot on tuesday and delivered results on midnight that same day. We’re that excited about family photo sessions!


On the printing side of our business, we mistakenly sent over the wrong cards to one of our long term customers (Weichert Realty – Joe Corwin and Associates). We own up to it and fixed it right away sending the correct agent for their Realtor office. We then got orders for a new member from that same Realtor office which got done within 24hrs, got approved and sent to print that same day to be delivered in 3-4 business days. New agents from another realtor office (Pinnacle Realty) needed some new cards and so we got to work right away and even got paid really fast. Our Robots work even faster when they have payment from that job and get all happy. We’re very patient but some customers have tested that virtue of ours a bit.


Gymnastics of San Antonio sent us a revision for an H-E-B receipt ad and we’re gladly fixing that right away and replying with the changes. We think it’s an awesome way to advertise for gymnastics. They sure know what their target audience is located.


That is the essential weekly jobs we Robots have fun with. Check out our clients websites and let them know how awesome 14 Robots are. – Head Robot {••}


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