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The beauty of email

We’re known for fast turnaround! Clients send us an email and we’ll get to work right away. We have a specific robot checking emails all day every day, if he can’t get to it it’s because he’s got a loose screw and we got him on a table fixing him, but that’s rare.

This week we worked non-stop with a logo that took many back and forth communication with our client. The reason of the back and forth was because of other decision makers involved on their end which causes indecisive moments. We love great communication and enjoyed the process. In the end it was all worth it and everyone is happy. We did promise unlimited revisions on logo design and we delivered as many as it took. After looking at the final logo you would think it’s simple enough but the thought process can take many detours and that took many changes to this logo. Check it out!IECA Process

With the same client, we’ve also started the 2018 event in Long Beach, CA which involves posters, ads and logos as well. We really enjoy this project and hope to keep going for years to come. We’re so proud of this work that we plan on printing them on posters to hang on our office for every yearly event.

Speaking of great communication, we know we have an awesome robot checking emails all day and night and not everyone has the luxury to have a robot at hand checking for their emails. Some designers really could use a robot since they don’t reply soon enough and could possibly loose their client due to lack of urgency on some of these projects. We understand some people need their items by yesterday and they don’t get much time to prepare and so it gets passed on to other people like us and we miraculously make it happen (most of the time). Sometimes we just don’t have the power to make things happen on the spot but we do our best.

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This is my post for the week and hope to keep things more interesting for posts to come. We take suggestions if you want us to cover a specific topic or “how-to” that we can assist with. Always happy to help {••}