Business and Business Card Etiquette

How do you market your business when you’re networking at any event? By not spilling the beans. Don’t go crazy talking about what you do and how you do it. Create a relationship with the person you’re conversing with. Once you establish a relationship and they ask what you do, that’s when you throw your […]

10 Reasons business cards are still alive

If you don’t believe in having physical business cards or think they’re outdated, think again. Business cards are alive and well and very much needed when you’re in business of any kind. Here are 10 reasonable facts that business cards are essentially useful. 1- Unless you’re a famous celebrity, nobody will remember your name or […]

More work

Good evening guys! Head Robot here with another post with what 14 Robots have been working on lately. We have had the pleasure of working with the awesome photographer Chris Reilly assisting him with some layouts, posters and marketing materials. We’ve created his logo in 2012 and that’s how Chris became one of our exclusive […]

Good vs Bad Designers

This week has been a bit slow for our Robots and so we’re taking advantage of this blog to communicate to our clients a few tips on saving money. There will also be some ranting but trust us, it’s with good intentions even if we’re not too nice about about. One of our best clients […]