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Throughout this post we let our Robots rant about whatever they pleased. After all, it’s their site and here at 14 Robots excercise the freedom of expression. So without further introduction, here’s a list of things that we as a group are getting tired of.

• One second loop videos on Instagram like this one.

Dog face videos. We get it, some of our Robots would joke to have human faces but we’re not posting videos all over the Internet.

• Pictures of food plates. It’s meant to be eaten not show and tell. So much that someone created special plates for smart phone food photography. Check it out here.

• Misspelled words in government sites, official document instructions and on books. Whatever happened to editing and spellchecking?

• Horrible design on billboards for highly recognizable brands.

• Bad choice of words. Some companies are in need of a better copy writer.

• Expensive and ghetto-looking rims on big wheels for a very inexpensive car. Some of these “gangstas” don’t have much style these days.

• People not knowing their passwords or security questions and blaming the company because there’s no way they can verify ID. REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORDS, or write them down on a piece of paper in your wallet or small booklet. Paper and pen still rule!

• Too much technology for a person to handle. Utilize most features or don’t buy it. If you don’t use at least 80% of what the product can do, you’re wasting your money.

• Entrepreneurs that want to do many things and don’t know half of any if the things they’re doing. “Jack of all trades, master of none

• Non-Designers (eg: Lawyers, doctors, editors) directing a designer they hired instead of letting them do what they do best…design!

• People who think they deserve a new product because it broke after a year or two. Would a car dealership give us a new car if our one year old car broke down? Doubt it.

Youtubers that are famous doing everyday tasks but have good video editing skills. How did they do it? What are they selling? What are they offering to the viewers?

• Prank calls that are not funny at all. Bart Simpson is still king and will never be matched. Kids nowadays have little imagination when it comes to prank calls. The one and only I would give credit to is where one company is talking to another competitor company for tech support put together by the prankster who said nothing and let the tech support from each side figure it out.

• People modifying their tech and rides outside of the company’s terms of service so it voids the warranty. Use it as is and stop trying to make it “better”. It’s not.

• Crowds going to an art museum and some of them saying “I could’ve done that” but never tried. Umm, some of us are guilty of this one. We’re sorry!

• Speeding drivers. Inconsiderate of others when if in an accident, a child might be involved. Please leave early and slow down, enjoy the road, pick better music or drive a better and more enjoyable ride. Switching lanes and cutting in, increases accidents. Slow the f**k down! Please. Thank you.

• Badly cropped, awfully  stretched and pixelated photos used in print media. Even wrongfully used in web articles. Never stretch a photo or  crop at joints of people, use high resolution images for print, low resolution for web and always, always ask for permission to use other people’s photos if they’re not yours. Credit when possible.

• Last but not least, and I think everyone would agree with this one: Clients who don’t pay their bills. Nuff said!
Thank you for reading, all two of you (if we’re lucky). Come back for more random posts about nothing and everything. It’s evolving. {••}