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Made by robots

This week was a bit short on projects but it was time to relax and kick back a bit when it comes to our Robots. We like that there’s a bit of downtime to focus on a few in-house projects such as website enhancements, marketing and social network updates. In case you have not visited, we have a very funny and crazy robot handling the Twitter, Instagram and very randomly the Facebook account. His favorite so far is Twitter but our Photographer updates constantly with random findings on Instagram. Check them out right now…yes, right now. This post will still be here and the updates will soon be forgotten.

We kicked off this week by receiving word from one of our clients to put a hold on a project that’s happening in 2018. We truly love to work with IECA due to the fact that everything is done way in advance and they never want things yesterday. The more time our clients give us, the more love and care we put into the work we do. This goes for every other job too; give your accountant minutes to get your quarterly tax return and it’ll create chaos, that’s if your accountant doesn’t fire you first if he has the luxury to do so. So to you IECA, all of our 14 Robots salute you!

The reason behind the hold on a 2018 project was to focus a bit on a new logo for one of their chapters located in Canada. We got some samples and we weren’t impressed. For the sake of our competitor designers, we won’t post those and advice to keep learning the ropes. We’re no experts but we earned our badges through time. Our designers started working on some samples to which we will post once approved.

The H-E-B ad for Gymnastics of San Antonio is finally approved and added a new ad with a couple of changes for a different purpose. We’re excited for their business and the route they’re taking when it comes to advertising.


On a self promotion subject, we recently got some really cool looking metal business cards made from recycled robots (we’d like to think so). This will definitely be in contests if we can afford it and crossing our fingers we win to brag to you guys.  We also came up with some text based robot icons, see the end of this article. Icons like [- -] and (^^). They represent our Robots and we like the idea so much that we can’t believe we didn’t think of this when we were coming up with a logo. A simple text based logo could be typed on any keyboard, with any font and still be 14 Robots. This {••} can be easily texted, emailed and just placed on anything typed. We got our marketing materials already printed and we love our head robot logo but we believe in simplicity winning hearts over complexity. What do you think?

That is it for this week. Please keep checking back here for any inspiration or just browser around and snoop on our work. We don’t mind. Heck, ask us anything, we love to answer questions, good, bad and ugly ones too. We love what we do. {••}


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