Post Fiesta


It’s been thought that when it comes to design or anything really, no matter what it is, Less is better. We strongly believe that message and take it very seriously when it comes to any projects that cross out paths. We’ve been creating a logo for a Canadian chapter of IECA and it’s been a great challenge. We’re implementing a logo with a logo. IECA already has a logo and would like Canada Chapter to have their own, so mixing the two is feat. You’ll get to see the steps we went through once the final draft is approved. We’re happy to share those experiences with you but not until all is complete, this is just a preview without an image. Be patient young grasshopper.


Aside from the IECA Canada logo we also worked on a flyer for Post Fiesta Client Appreciation party. It was a last minute design that took us a couple of days to design and come up with the final draft after a few exchanged emails with our client. We’re happy with the results and below is the result.

Post Fiesta 2016 Post Fiesta


Our social media Robot had a bit of fun after grabbing a picture from our human owner’s daughter and posted on Instagram and Twitter this “Troubleshooting 101” meme. Hope you find it as funny as we did. Speaking of Twitter, we also saw that one of our contacts signed up for a new platform for freelancers. We thought it’d be interesting and signed up to be beta testers for it. You can check it out on their Facebook page. It might be beneficial to many freelancers out there looking for a focused platform or social media site.


We’re also expecting to deliver a few business cards to a couple of clients like Supreme Lending as well as Weichert Realty/Joe Corwin & Associates. Your business cards should be delivered soon!


We pride ourselves with great quality design, print along with superb communication that is as easy as sending an email to get things done without much hassle. Give us a shot at your next business card order. We love what we do so much that we’re willing to nix the delivery charges on your fist order if you’re not yet one of our clients. The businesses above are a couple of many of our long term clients we’ve assisted with printing and design services since we started this business since 2006. That was quite a mouthful and well worth it.

That’s it for now, we’re signing out hoping you come back next week for more updates on what we’ve been up to. Have a great weekend! {••}