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More work

Good evening guys! Head Robot here with another post with what 14 Robots have been working on lately. We have had the pleasure of working with the awesome photographer Chris Reilly assisting him with some[…]



Who’s reading this anyway? If you are, feel free to leave comments below! Throughout this post we let our Robots rant about whatever they pleased. After all, it’s their site and here at 14 Robots[…]

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The beauty of email

We’re known for fast turnaround! Clients send us an email and we’ll get to work right away. We have a specific robot checking emails all day every day, if he can’t get to it it’s[…]

Post Fiesta


It’s been thought that when it comes to design or anything really, no matter what it is, Less is better. We strongly believe that message and take it very seriously when it comes to any[…]

Industry Standards

Good vs Bad Designers

This week has been a bit slow for our Robots and so we’re taking advantage of this blog to communicate to our clients a few tips on saving money. There will also be some ranting[…]